BNC Til VGA Konverter
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  • 1 stk. VGA konverter type V2V.
  • 1 stk. 12 vdc strømforsyning.
Teknisk Oplysninger:
  • Konverter, der konverterer videosignal til VGA, således at man kan koble et analogt kamera til sin PC monitor.
  • Bruges til alle analoge kameraer, som kan kobles direkte til din PC monitor eller skærm.

Produkt information:
  • Video to VGA convertor
  • Support Composite VIDEO, S-VIDEO, RGB
  • Non volatile user ,s configuration saving
  • Power from PS/2 or USB port
  • On Screen Display (OSD) operation status, zoom, size
  • V2V is an interlace video to progressive video convertor with 3:2 pull down film mode and 2:2 pull down graphic mode. NTSC/ PAL /SECAM or MPEG video signals, and convert it into non-interlace for direct display on progressive TV, VGA monitor or projectors. Proprietary interfiled DEINTERLACE provides high quality picture, 50 to 60 HZ frame rate conversion, automatic source mode detection, OSD (on screen display) adjustment menu. Various output signals format (VGA, Progressive TV-out) are providing.


  • Plug& Play installation, no software or driver required.
  • Support the following video standards which includes PAL, NTSC 4.43(50Hz),
  • Combination-PAL N (3.58MHz), NTSC N(3.58MHz) & SECAM. NTSC, PAL 4.43(60Hz), NTSC 4.43(60Hz), PAL M (3.58MHz), NTSC-JAPAN.
  • Supports full function OSD (On Screen Display) control.
  • Versatile resolutions: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024@60and 75Hz
  • Compatible for Multi Signal inputs: Video, S-Video, PC (bypass).
  • OSD control menu:50-to-60HZ frame rate conversion, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, hue control, video standard.
  • 3DMotion-adaptive interfiled de-interlacing.

System requirements:

  • VESA compatible VGA monitor
    Video output device (e.g: VCR, DVD, V8, LD player, TV game machine and etc.)

Package Contents:

  • Power adapter (Switching)
  • CVBS Cable
  • "Y" VGA cable( 3 in 1-15 pin)
  • V2V box
  • Remote Control (option device)
  • Batteries (option device)